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Check your compass. Correct your course.

I had big plans for how I was going to start this new decade. Huge plans! JUICY!

I’d spent a lot of time in meditation figuring out what my True North looks like, setting my course and working out how I was going to get there. I had a list a mile long of ideas, programs, e-books, offerings, creations and workshops that I just couldn’t wait to get out there into the world.

But then, as is often the case, I got pushed off course by storms. I could write you a list of the things that got in my way but it would all be a bunch of bullshit because, at the end of the day, the only person in this world that can monitor and tweak my attention, commitment and vibration is me.

I will mention briefly, though, that the fires here in Australia have been a huge part of my consciousness. The pain, fear and suffering of so many is a heavy thing to deal with, especially when you’re an empath. And as someone who has to work hard to seek out and stay aligned with the good, I’ve had to make really conscious choices to focus on the positives in all this, namely the heroism and community the Australian public has displayed under such extraordinary and catastrophic circumstances.

At the end of the day, letting myself get sucked into the sadness and pain is not serving anyone, especially my family and I. I’m not a nice person when I’m in that space, and clawing my way out of it is hard on everyone. It uses a lot of resources- both emotional and physical- and drains all of our batteries. I’ve spent the last month dipping my toe in that pool of fear and blame and, truth be told, I’ve dived in headfirst and had a swim a few times, but now I’m walking away.

It’s not serving me. It’s not serving my family. It’s not serving you, or the world around me to stay there. So I’m moving on.

How do I do this?

Physically, I move more. I drink water. I have cold showers. I get some sunshine when I can. I sleep more than usual. I listen to my body and try to give it what it needs.

Emotionally, I talk honestly with friends and my partner about how I’m feeling (even writing that makes me feel sick in the tummy). I journal. I meditate. I hack my productivity and pep talk myself into being laser focused on what I need to do next.

But most of all, I show up in the face of fear- Every. Single. Goddamn. Day. – and I keep going. I could take the last month when things fell apart as evidence that I am useless, stupid, weak (fill in the blank). But it won’t get me anywhere, so what’s the point?

So, here’s to getting unstuck and moving forward, especially in such frightening times. And know this: everything and anything you can do right now to bring more love, joy, compassion and fulfilment to your own life means that you will have more of the same to offer to those around you at a time when they desperately need it. We have a lot of work to do in the months and years ahead- personally, publicly and politically- and it’s our responsibility to be as strong as possible.

Correct your course. Raise your sails. Let’s go.

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