One on one coaching is available in person, via  Zoom, on the phone or online.  A monthly coaching cycle consists of 4 x one hour sessions, with 2 follow up phone calls or emails per week if needed. 

Individual coaching can be intense, and I am committed to DEEP WORK with my clients. Often, when individuals begin coaching, they find that the real obstacles holding them back are not at all what they thought they were. 

Though my methodology is grounded in training, experience and the latest research in the field, my style is fluid and organic. My intuition and ability to ask great questions is my greatest strength. The aftermath can be messy and is almost always a bit uncomfortable, but the results are powerful and long lasting. 

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Coaching within organisations can take the form of ongoing regular sessions with the group and/or individuals within the group, or in a one off half day or full day workshop. Longer workshops are available if necessary.

Coaching for organisations involves collaboration with more people, but the object is the same: to define where the organisation is, where they would like to be and how they are going to get there.

Organisational coaching is an amazing opportunity to discern and clarify the overarching values and vision that define your organisation.  Coaching gives you a way to develop a True North for your group and the individuals within, a touchstone to refer to during times of evolution and challenge.

This style of coaching is effective for community groups, volunteer groups and businesses.

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