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On a friend’s Facebook page the other day, they posted a photo of a card with an inspirational quote on the front.  In the comment section, they joked that they needed to get the saying tattooed on their arm as they are “a fabulous dreamer but a dodgy do-er”.  I laughed when I read it and then wrote back, “A lot of people are. That’s why my profession exists.”

And it really is. Life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Because it's not yet regulated, and anybody can call themselves a coach, there are coaches who are very, very good at what they do. And there are coaches who, well, are not. And a lot of people are really, really confused.

So in the interest of clarifying what it is I actually do and why parting with your hard earned cash might be a wise investment, here’s a little Q &A.


1) But what do you actually do? (This one’s from my Auntie. Just kidding. Actually, no I’m not. Sigh.)

Short answer: I coach!  Think of me like you’re own personal cheerleader.  Depending on your goals, the process usually starts with gaining clarity on what it is you REALLY want (the answers may surprise you), creating support structures and a roadmap to help you get there and then keeping you motivated and accountable through the process of achieving them.  


The energy of coaching is collaborative. The coach does not flat out tell you what to do.  Coaching works on the assumption that most clients have a great deal of innate knowledge. Together, our job is to tease it out and develop it. In recent years, I have been increasingly called to DEEP WORK, especially with women, and those are the people I attract.  

This work is NOT EASY.  But it is WORTH IT.

Coaching can feel heavy at times, as you must confront long held beliefs and assumptions before you can let them go.  But overall, the relationship is infused with light and fun and power.  You tumble forward in life while I hold the space for you to do so safely.  And, let me tell you, as a coach, it is seriously an honour to help people level up in life. 

I am fascinated by the power of storytelling, both the positive and negative narratives that construct our reality.  Based on leading neuroscientific research, I help clients identify the story they are writing, the character(s) they are playing and how to rewrite the narrative to put them back in a place of empowerment.

Over the last decade I have become increasingly fascinated by the way our physical bodies can support or shift these old programs and so I work with a focus on embodiment (using the body as a tool to , discern and move things emotionally or mentally). A lot of coaching and therapy takes a top down approach, beginning with the mind, but I often work bottom up.  As a trauma informed PT, this is done slowly, safely and with the client always in control.

2) Where did you train?

I hold the designation of Certified Professional Coach from the International Coach Academy, one of the world’s leading training organisations. The intensive course covered an array of learning modules and I was required to coach both internal and external clients under supervision from a Master Coach before I received my certificate.

I also hold:

  • Cert III in Fitness

  • Cert IV in Fitness (Personal Training)

  • Completion of the Wim Hof Method Fundamentals Course

  • Numerous qualifications in the area of program design and facilitation

  • Certificate in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy from The Embody Lab

  • An Advanced Degree from the School of Hard Knocks, as some of my super fun eff-ups in life are the reason I am now so good at what I do.

  • Steel Mace Flow Coach Level 1


3) What's the investment?

Weekly individual coaching starts at $600.00/month for 4 x 60 minute sessions (paid weekly or monthly). This includes an hour long session (face to face when possible,  online, via Zoom or phone) and 2 x 15 minutes follow ups during the week (if needed).  

Most clients need between 3-6 months of coaching, so an investment of only $1800-$3600 for skills, techniques and resources that, in essence, allow you to coach yourself.  Yes, there are some people that stay with their coaches long term, and most good coaches I know are always being coached because it really does keep you focused. But if you have a very specific goal,  you can make inroads in a very short period of time.

As Margie Warrell, author of Stop Playing Safe, says, “Women often consider the what-ifs and possible consequences of taking action, but are not as good at weighing up the risk of inaction.”  And don’t be fooled. There are costs, potentially huge costs, involved in doing nothing.


So ask yourself this: how much is it worth to you to live a life that you really, really love?  Can you even put a price on it?




4) How do I know if I need a coach?

Feeling disconnected from yourself? Not sure if you've ever really, truly been yourself?

Yearning for something MORE but no idea what that is?

Clear on what you want but terrified to ask for it?


Do you have any dreams, goals or visions that you’ve been mulling over for more than 6 months?

Got a great idea but don’t now how to break it down?

Feel overwhelmed by your big plan? 

Or, if you're really honest with yourself, do you just feel, well, stuck in your life? Like it's happening to you, not for you?


Then you need a coach.


I have heard coaches described as friends, allies, support staff, experts, cheerleaders and mentors. But none of those sit quite right with me.


What does? Let me tell you.  


I am…a fire starter/ass kicker/hand holder/relationship broker/deal maker. I will challenge you, cheer you on, support you, pick you up and dust you off, call you on your BS and throw parades in your honour.  Think of life like the trip of a lifetime (cause it is!) and I am your tour guide. You don’t wanna miss all the good stuff, do you?


Any questions? Feel free to drop me a line at or give me a call on 0409 957 938. 


I don’t work with everyone who gets in touch.  The best, most earth shaking, coaching relationships are the ones where there is a good fit between coach and client. And as I’m a rather, um, unique individual, and so are YOU (yes, you there) we need to make sure we jive. So if you’re ready to see if we do (and I do so hope that we do!), get in touch today.





Click here to book a FREE exploratory session. 

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