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Are You ready to go deep?

 I’m Meghann Birks and I’m a Certified Professional Coach

with over 15 years experience facilitating deep transformation

for both individuals (specialising in women with ADHD) and organisations. I offer Embodiment Coaching and trauma informed Movement Coaching to help women step into their power and create a life that nourishes them in all their complexity.

How I Can Help You

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We'll find your why: the first step is identifying what is is you want MORE of (the easy part) and then learning to name and voice these desires (the harder part). Often a 'goal' is a tangible representation (a destination, object or solid number) of what you're actually chasing, which is a FEELING.  By drilling down to what's at the core of your motivation, we open to ALL the possible ways of getting there.  Through somatic awareness (learning to listen to the body) we develop an embodied intuition to guide us in our work.

We'll identify the obstacles that are holding you back: We do this together by (1) identifying your own personal narrative, the stories you're telling yourself, (2) examining with brutal honesty (this part usually hurts a bit) your investment in the story and the characters you play.  You will learn to identify where these programs sit in the body and movement practices to help shift them physically, as well as emotionally and mentally.


We rewrite the story:  Through the use of coaching tools and techniques based on the most up to date research on how our brain works and tested embodiment practices, we put you in control.  By creating an actionable plan that breaks every target into smaller, manageable chunks, this is where we 10X your experience and really kick ass.

For more specifics of how I work and details about ADHD coaching, please see my Services page.

Ready to blow your life up and see what emerges from the ashes?

Click here to book a FREE exploratory session. 

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