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Together, we can make the hard stuff

easier and the good stuff GREAT.

I’m Meghann Birks and I’m a Certified Professional

Coach and embodiment educator with over 15 years experience facilitating deep and sustainable transformation for both individuals (specialising in people with ADHD) and organisations.


I offer trauma informed and neuro-affirming ADHD and life coaching, leadership development and support through life transitions. I work with people who are ready to go all in on embracing who they are in ALL their complexity. Click here to find out more.

In my world, there's no such thing as "TOO MUCH" so if you've been looking for a safe space to show up as who you are, with both strength and vulnerability, you've found it.

You ready to f**k around and find out?.

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How  I  Can  Help  You

We'll find your why: the first step is identifying what is is you want MORE of and then learning to name and voice these desires. Often a 'goal' is a tangible representation (a destination, object or solid number) of what you're actually chasing, which is a FEELING.  By drilling down to what's at the core of your motivation, we open to ALL the possible ways of getting there.  Through somatic awareness (learning to listen to the body) we develop an embodied intuition to guide us in our work.


We'll identify the obstacles that are holding you back: We do this together by  learning about how your unique brain chemistry AND lived, personal experiences are affecting things like motivation and energy levels, as well as the stories that are in control.  

We rewrite the story:  Through the use of coaching tools and techniques (specific to those who are neurodivergent) based on the most up to date research on how our brain works and tested embodiment practices, we put you in control.  By creating an actionable plan that breaks every target into smaller, manageable chunks, this is where we 10X your experience and really kick ass.


For more specifics of how I work and details about ADHD coaching, please click here.



Kylie*, Melbourne 

“I was seriously sceptical about working with a coach (not interested in “containers”) but am so, so, so glad I have it a go.


In the last two months of working with Meghann I have ticked off several tasks I’ve been avoiding for YEARS, which was the main reason I hired her but also I have gotten so much more out of this than I ever expected.


Learning how my brain works, how to support myself, and why certain things are challenging- and what to do about it- has increased my self- compassion and self-acceptance more than I ever thought possible.

This is something I have always struggled with and had resigned myself to it being the way it was.


But now I can say, at age 48, that I am FINALLY aware of my worth. Operating from this new belief in self has changed my life, literally in weeks.


I’m so glad I f**ked around and found out, because what I found out was that I’m not broken, I’m not too much, and I’m actually pretty rad.


Thank you, Meghann, for everything.”​

Kirsten, Australia

"Meghann's colorful skill set & juicy knowledge base have created a wondrous platform for me to dive deeper into self exploration & offer understanding of how I move in the world.


She's loaded up with practical tools, embodied movement practices & authentic coaching gems that create space for me to soften, unpack, play, mess up & dream bigger for myself. Having this magic woman in my corner has been a game changer."​


Mel*, UK

"Within the first session, she cracked me open in a way that was so raw and so liberating that I ugly cried.

Session two, she taught me things about WHY my brain operates the way it does that blew my mind.

Session three, she gave me tools and strategies to try and the REASON behind them, which made it easier, And you know what? They worked.

Fuck me, we're two months into our coaching and I can honestly say that I have never felt more grounded in who I am than I do now.

You want this hypegirl in your corner."

Sarah*, UK

"As the CEO of a major global brand, I am expected to have my shit together. But once perimenopause hit, it felt like the wheels fell off and I eventually admitted I needed support.

After hearing Meghann on Katy Weber's Women & ADHD podcast, I reached out to her.  In the 6 months we worked together, I learned so much not only about who I am and what drives me, but also how to leverage my unqiue neurodvergent brain for better (and easier) results.  We did a LOT of work on boundaries which sucked sometimes but has made me a better leader withing my company.

As a result, out team is stronger than ever and our profits have increased as well.

More importantly, though, I have learned to love parts of myself I'd always struggled with.

When Meghann says she can help you make the hard stuff easier and the good stuff great, she means it. Run, don't walk, to work with her."

Ready to blow your life up and see what emerges from the ashes?

Click here to book a FREE exploratory session. 

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